Friday, December 2, 2011


Card is stamped with distressed inks, and colored with colored pencils. All stamps are Hero Arts. 

I have no idea why but I have been trying for the entire week to load a picture on my blog! It is so frustrating it just kept coming up with an error on the photo! It may very well be my slow Internet connection I use my phone for a hot spot, or maybe the files I am trying to load. The other issue I have is for whatever reason my blog on explorer has all these strange lines of bright colors, you cannot see anything except the photo, but it seems to just be on my computer, maybe it's my computer? Anyway technology can sure be frustrating at times. 

So I am in the mist of what is one of my favorite times of year, I love the holidays. DH has decorated the outside with lights, a deer and a snowman. It looks wonderful, and if my middle child would stop messing with the timer it would work perfectly. Apparently all those tiny buttons are just too enticing for a almost 4 year old. In just a few short weeks my little boy is going to be 4 years old. Everyday he makes me laugh with his crazy stories and antics. He is very passionate about what he wants and his strong will sometimes makes me crazy. The other day I was telling him he needs to be on his best behavior or Santa will be bringing coal to him instead of gifts. A few days later I heard him talking about coal as he was playing with his trains. Then he says to me " I can't wait for Santa to bring me coal, I need it for my Thomas Trains". I had to laugh, of course my attempt to encourage good behavior would backfire, I am talking about Wyatt.  So now I am going to try the elf. I bought a little elf, not the elf on a shelf though. I find it creepy looking. This one is a little smaller and cuter, and in a few days he is going to come stay at our house until Christmas. I have been telling the boys that elves have been sighted around and some even come and stay. I am planning a grand arrival and am hoping this will be a fun new tradition with the kids. I am not sure how much crafting time I will be doing. My craft room is where I am stashing the gifts, and my boys are always poking around. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend!