Monday, January 31, 2011

Distress flower text

 Hero Arts: Flower Text, Product Number: S5506
I am constantly adding to my stamp collection, and so many of my stamps sadly either never see ink or never get used more than once. I have decided to challenge myself to make at least 3 different cards or projects with the same stamp. I will use other stamps with the one I have selected but this way I can focus more on the chosen image. My inspiration was from hero arts Tami Hartley here, my first card is almost a copy of her card, but it was the springboard that got me inspired. I really love the technique she used as I love my distress inks. Stop by later this week for the second card made with this stamp.

The background was sponged with broken glass and shabby shutter, then stamped with versamark and embossed with fine detail white. Although I did dry the image with a heat gun prior to embossing I still mangaged to get some powder on the edges. But I decided to just go with it, and after embossing the sentiment I ran a versamark pen around the edges and embossed with white again to create the same effect. The flowers and leaves are colored with distressed ink and a water pen, using peeled paint and broken glass. I then added scattered straw distressed stickles to the flowers. Check back Wednesday to see the second card with the set. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sibling love, the sweetest thing

Owen absolutely adores Lainey, and it is very apparent that she loves him too! He can't wait to see her when we pick him up at school. He asks to hold her all the time, sadly we have to be careful since Wyatt doesn't quite understand why he can't do the same as Owen. If it weren't for this I don't think Lainey would spend one moment out of someones arms! As soon as she see's Owen she starts to squeal, kicking her feet and flailing her arms, and when he isn't paying attention to her or leaves she starts to pout and cry. I really think my DH is jelous that she is not this way with him yet.
Last night we put the boys to bed and about 20 minutes later we heard someone coming down the hall. Owen handed my DH a piece of paper, he looked like he was about to cry, Owen is a very sensitive little boy and so very sweet. Don't get me wrong he can be rough and tumble with his Daddy and brother but he is so very sweet too! Chris handed to me to read and it was the sweetest letter to little Lainey. Earlier that day Owen had said he wanted another baby sister, I told him to ask his Daddy since my DH told me 3 is it! Honestly I never thought he would want the 2nd and never dreamed he would agree to a 3rd child. But he is such an incredible father to our kids, and loves them more than anything else.  Owen asked DH if we could have another baby and said I want twins! Then they could play together! I think the answer is definitely finished after that idea! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Many thanks

While visiting with my friend Debbie at the beginning of the month I made this floral card with one of her new stamps. We enjoy enabling each other and if you haven't checked out her blog, she is doing a great job at enticing me to buy the Silhouette SD. While at her house she showed me what it would do and my mind just started going. It has so many possibilities, I love all the cards she has created using it, beautiful!

The card above was stamped with memento ink and colored with various copic markers. I used the blender on the largest bloom to create the texture look. I am so eager to get back to creating regularly, but in the meantime I am going to use this time to organize my stuff a little better. I think if I can find my stuff easier I will be more inclined to use it!

On the home front we are getting ready to get new countertops and backsplash installed at the end of the month. I am so excited to finally have a completed kitchen, It only has taken 5 years to finish taking the wallpaper down, and fix a few cabinets! Ha-Ha! Lainey is doing wonderfully, she is interacting with us a lot, although she seems to really adore Owen, she just coos and babbles to him when she sees him. I love it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow bear!

Kane, my snow bear enjoying the snow!

The snow is almost up to the top of Wyatt's boots

Lainey 9 weeks old, nice and warm inside!
We received 7 to 8" of snow on Monday, it was such a exciting event here in Eastern NC! We enjoy snow here only because it is such a rare thing. Owen missed 3 days of school, and now it looks like they are going to make them up on Saturdays, bummer! Lainey is doing well, she is already 10 weeks old, I can't believe that at all! We have a check up next week, but I think she is already around 12lbs. She has almost outgrown the 3 month clothes. It makes me sad, because she has the cutest stuff to wear.  Stay warm everyone!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First card of the year!

Life has been busy to say the least. A newborn, a busy 3 year old and an active 7 year old then add in the crazy holiday season. Well it's been a blur! But this is a new year and I am determined to get back into the swing of things. This year my goals are to get more organized, I am a terrible clutter person! My other goal is to spend more time enjoying my family. Life goes by way too quick and I want to really savor these moments while my kids are little. Two months have went by with my little girl, and I feel like I just brought her home. Now that things are settling down, and somewhat of a routine is starting I feel much more in control. I never realized how much I need that. Lainey is doing awesome, she is such a good baby, she is starting to really interact with us. The boys love to see her smile and absolutely adore her. I really thought the novelty of a baby would wear off. I am happy to say that for the moment they are totally in love with her as we all are.

Lainey and I spent Sunday over my friend Debbie's house, she has been much more productive than I in the last week! You can see her awesome blog here, we spent the day showing each other the our new purchases and playing with Lainey. Hero arts debuted their new catalog and I finally got a chance to stamp some while Debbie spent time with Lainey. Debbie put her to sleep so easily, I told her she needed to come home with me! Hope everyone is enjoying their first week of the New Year!