Saturday, December 26, 2009

The day after...

Well, all the presents are unwrapped, the living room looks like Toysrus exploded at our house! We had a wonderful Christmas, I love my boys they bring us the greatest joy! My oldest Owen is 6, he always leaves me with plenty of material to share with others. He did not disapoint this year! Christmas Eve we warned Owen that he was not to go into the living room, or wake us up until two conditions were met. One it had to be light outside, and two his little brother had to be awake! I woke up a little before 5 a.m. to a light being on in the hall bath. I got up to turn it off and saw that his light was off, so I crawled back into my bed. I love Christmas and was excited too, so I laid there waiting till I heard Wyatt wake up. At a quarter to seven, Wyatt woke up and Owen came flying into our room. I told him to wait in there with Daddy, so I could turn the lights on. I went into the living room and turned the Christmas Tree lights on, and grabbed my camera. As I called the boys in, I noticed Owen had his hands full of a few things that looks suspisiously like opened presents! He comes running to me and says "look Mom, I woke up and Santa had left some presents in my room and he got me just what I wanted". Now I know where those gifts were, I saw Santa put them in his stocking not his room. I looked over at my husband and could have about died! It was so funny, what could you say. It was so totally Owen! I have no idea how early he got up and went through his stocking. I know when I was a child I always got up and touched and read labels, but never would I have opened a gift! When I told my mom she said he is so you, but I told her he took it a step further than I would have ever dared! Chris and I know we are in trouble with him! I am so grateful for him, to give me these memories that I will cherish forever!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Windy day

Today Wyatt & I got up when we heard all the howling winds! Wyatt has a little cold, so he actually slept in to 8:00, what a treat! We probably will hang around the house till we pick up Owen, then maybe run to the store, I try to stick close to home when the weather is bad here. Still so much to do for Christmas, Owen & Chris picked up the tree, so now we have to get it set up this week. First I need to get a gate to keep Wyatt from pulling it down! Last year we were lucky and he was just learning to crawl he didn't touch it once! Anyway off to do chores!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Faster than dial-up....

So, I live in the sticks and dial up is not my friend! I cannot tell you how much I miss my road runner, but I am trying out a new service. It seems US Cellular is the ONLY cell phone that works where I live, they now offer an aircard and/or a way to tether your computer to get a form of broadband. I finally caved and went to upgrade my phone and try it this weekend. It is faster than dial up, but still not all that fast. I still cannot watch you tube video's without a ton of interruptions. There is a cap on usage and I am nervous that I may go over, have to figure out a way to keep track of it. So, I thought now would be a good time to try to keep my blog updated and see how it work.

Christmas is coming up so quick, I have quite a few things to do. I need to get some teacher gifts done, and I need to find some ambition! I did work on a few note pads yesterday, once I got in the groove I was able to get some ideas. My DH has been so busy (thankfully) I have been trying to keep the "farm" running smoothly. Always something to do and never enough time!

Saturday we took the boys to Bass Pro Shop's Winterwonderland. Needless to say my fantasy of having a good Santa picture with both kids faded really quick. Wyatt would have none of it, so I let it go. They had fun, then we took them to build a bear to pick out something. Owen is still really into stuffed dogs, so he picked a friend and we chose a frog for Wyatt. He loves hops, but apparantly not this one, maybe he will get use to it, but for now he wants it to sleep where he doesn't have to see it. He is so funny!