Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watercolor dragonfly

March 2012 012

Stamp: Stampers Anonymous, colored with distressed markers and blended with waterbrush.

The kids and I are enjoying longer evening of playing outside and taking walks. I love the warmer weather, but I know soon it will be way too hot again! We have heard the beautiful calls of the Purple Martins again, and are anxious for them to move back into their house. We never have great luck keeping them the entire season due to starlings and snakes, but every year I am optimistic that all the things we have done will keep them.  This weekend is the annual Herb & Garden festival in our community.  Sometimes we all go, other times I just take Owen. He loves helping me in the garden and picking out plants with me.  They always have the best selection of herbs there. We are both excited and ready to get our gardens going! Have a great day, thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thank you flowers

March 2012 008


This card uses one of the stamps from a new Penny Black clear set. I stamped numerous times and colored with copics.

My boys made it back from their camping trip and had a blast.  They played in the pond catching frogs, and ran up and down the giant hill more times than my husband could count. Two campfires, complete with hotdogs, and roasted marshmallows makes for wonderful memories. I was missing them the first hour after they left, it was way too quiet here! Though Pixie and I ended up being productive, I went through all the boys room, packing up outgrown clothing and unloved toys. I also caught up on a few movies,  I saw Moneyball, Bridesmaids, The Help, and Crazy stupid love. I loved Crazy, stupid love, it may have something to do with Ryan Gosling, but it was the best movie I had seen in a long time.  Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful first day of Spring!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Butterfly thinking of you…

March 2012 010


Stamps: Hero Arts butterfly, sentiment-PB

Colored direct to rubber with distressed markers.

It’s Friday and Pixie and I have a girls weekend! The boys are going camping in the Mountains, they are so excited. Wyatt wished on a dandelion yesterday to live at the farm forever, it was so sweet. I know they are going to have a blast. I packed plenty of donuts, honeybuns,  smores fixins and toothbrushes. (I can hope right)! Even though I pack some changes of clothes, they usually end up wearing the same thing all weekend, (yuck). When they get home I just stick everyone in the bath and all is good! Pixie and I plan on getting take out food, movies and maybe catch up on some reading.  I usually have grand plans to reorganize the house, take stuff to goodwill, and have an organized home. But I know that will not happen, usually by Sat. afternoon the house is way to quiet and calm and I am missing my boys. I do love that my DH does this with them, its something they all look forward to. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Watercolor best wishes

March 2012 006


Well, today I was hoping to report I finally had high speed internet, but sadly that is not the case. I received info in the mail for Exede which is part of WildBlue and Direct TV apparently, with news that they had a faster satellite internet now. I was so excited,  but a little skeptical since I have had issues with Direct TV.  For years we had Direct TV here, but were unable to see local channels after paying to have them out several times I finally cancelled their service, and went with Dish. Who by the way had no issues getting us all the channels including local TV.   So when the technician came out today in a Direct TV van I was worried.  Once again he couldn’t find a direct line for the satellite. I know they must all have different satellites,  but I can’t help but feel frustrated!

Anyway, on to the card. I stamped the limited edition columbine stamp and watercolor with distressed markers. Then I stamped the hero arts script in a shabby shutters overtop of the floral panel and the sentiment. The background was embossed and distressed.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Playing in flowers

Feb 2012 023


This image is from la blanche and one that I stamped at Debbie’s house. It is stamped on their specialty cardstock, and I must say it is wonderful. I quickly colored the image with the new distressed markers and they seemed to love the paper. They blended so easily, and went on very smoothly.

Going to try to have a productive day today, getting the house in a little better order. I have 4 people working against me and it becomes quite a difficult task. I am so looking forward to spending the day with Debbie on Sat. as we have a road trip to Archivers planned. This is the first time we have had a chance to go anywhere since before I had Pixie.

Have a wonderful day, Thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Journal Page

March 2012 026


I have been taking a class online by Joanne Sharpe called Letter Love, I started off really good working on my stuff. As they days progressed some of the videos wouldn’t play at my house so I am looking forward to spending the some time catching up on them.  This is one of my pages with some of the lessons mixed together. Owen has become my drawing partner and loves to sit next to me and draw. He is such a sweet boy, I love that he enjoys drawing and hope he keeps on drawing.


March 2012 021 

This is is picture he drew, he was excited to be able to use my “special” copic markers. I was quite impressed.

Have a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sketch dogwood

Feb 2012 024

I love this dogwood branch from Memory box. I colored directly on the stamp with distressed markers, I am loving these! 

I don’t quite know why time seems to be going at warp speed lately. Can you believe it is already March 1st, we are now two full months into 2012, how did that happen? The weather has been gorgeous lately here and I am just ready for Spring. Wyatt was a little under the weather on Tuesday, but thankfully he has bounced back quickly and is his normal ornery self!  Thanks for stopping by have a wonderful day!