Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just a quick update...

After 20 plus pictures I finally was able to get them to both at least look at me LOL!  Over the weekend we took them out to get pumpkins and found some good ones to carve this weekend. We are looking forward to my MIL coming Sat. to help with the boys while I am in the hospital having baby girl! We have a busy weekend planned, we are going to go on a trick-or-treat hayride Sat. with some friends. Then on Sunday, we are going to try "Trunk or Treating" at a friends church.  It seems that since Halloween has fallen on a Sunday, most places around us have decided to celebrate it on Saturday. I think this is crazy, but I still wanted to do something on the actual Halloween day with the boys.

I am also scheduled to be induced on Tuesday evening, November 2nd., I will be happy to not have to take my insulin shots and monitor everything I eat! I have a list a mile long of food I can't wait to eat again. Especially baked stuff, but who am I kidding that I will have time to bake or cook! Owen is so excited to meet his new baby sister, but poor Wyatt has no idea what is coming soon! Soon I will get back into the swing of things and hopefully post some crafty stuff, just so much stuff to do now and just not enough time or energy to get it done! Hope everyone is having a great week, will post pict. of the new addition when we get home!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Loving these colors

I had forgotten how intense the distressed inks colors can be, and I love this barn door red. My other favorite is the shabby shutter, such a pretty green! The insides of the flowers are highlighted with spica clear pens, it was hard to capture that with the camera.

I was so surprised today to find out I won a prize package from PTI for their monthly countdown. I love their products and have yet to have a month go by that I haven't "needed" something from them! So I am so excited to have won something from them! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Christmas wishes

This is my first Christmas card of the year, can't say that I actually expect to make our cards this year with the new baby and all though! I made this for the Hero arts challenge this month. I haven't been feeling very creative lately, it seems my mojo just isn't there. Yesterday I went into my office and just started playing with my distressed inks and made a few cards. I have been busy trying to organize my house, move the boys rooms into one, and getting the baby room ready. We are counting down to 3 weeks to go, and I still have so much I want to do. I have also been doing quite a bit of Christmas shopping, knowing that I won't be able to do much of that for a little while. Think the UPS man has been here a little too much with the stuff we ordered for the boys, baby and Christmas!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Witch pumpkin

I love this set from Flourishes, all the images have a vintage look to them! The weather here has been wonderful, after all that rain we had it is a welcome relief! The boys have enjoyed swamp logging with all of the water around, I have had to drag them in for dinners! My DH has been so busy, since we lost at least a week due to all the rain. But busy is good as it means we have work! Owen (my oldest) had off most of last week so he got to go to my ultrasound appt. with Wyatt and I. They were both so good while I was being scanned. We were explaining to the boys what they were looking at, and Wyatt sat there and then asked me, "where did you get Owen from" we laughed so hard, it was so funny. His big thing now is asking where everything comes from, I told him he was a gift from God, not that he understood that, but it was adorable. Baby girl is doing well, she is estimated at 6lbs, 8oz at 34 weeks. Glad I didn't get any newborn clothes! I get checked again tomorrow, and hopefully if all goes well I will get induced around Nov. 2nd.  We just moved Wyatt into Owen's room in their new bunk beds, and I can't believe how well its going. Wyatt absolutely LOVES his big boy bed, he asked to go take a nap now even before we say it's bedtime. I can hear the two of them talking after we tuck them in and it is so sweet, I love it!  Wyatt is also sleeping in till 8 or 8:30 which is amazing since he has always been my early riser. I am enjoying the extra sleep since baby girl keeps me up a few hours a night right now practicing her karate or whatever she is doing in there!