Thursday, September 1, 2011


I love making magnets for the fridge and these Lockhart images are perfect for this. I stamped the images with Memento ink, and colored with various copics, then I cut and matted the images, very simple but they look so cute.

Yesterday we had an overall party! After Wyatt saw Pixie's overalls he had to find his and put them on. He loves them because his favorite character Max, from Max and Ruby wears overalls.  I love this picture of the two of them checking each other out, so funny. As mush as I love having all three kids home it is a totally different atmosphere when Owen is in school. The house is much quieter, Wyatt fusses a lot less and he and Lainey get to spend time playing together. The age difference between Owen and Watt makes for some problems. There are many disputes that a 3 year old is not able to settle on his own, even an 8 year old has trouble understanding why things can't be a certain way. When they play together lately it usually ends up in someone upset. So for a few hours each day I am enjoying not being the arbitrator.


  1. I love the way Lainey is looking at Wyatt in that first photo! Oh, my gosh, they are just the cutest! My two boys went through the same battles. They're 4 years apart and are now 16 and 20 and the best of friends. . .hang in there. Love your magnets, Tanya! So fun to help hold the school work that Owen will be bringing home. :)

  2. How Cute!! Love these little magnets! Max and Ruby ROCK! They are fun to watch on TV and my little one loves the books too, your photos are so precious!

  3. Cute, Cute pictures. Looks like Midas might be wondering where his overalls are :) Love your coloring on the magnets.