Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween and more!

It's been rather crazy the past few weeks and I have finally had some time to post some pictures of the last few weeks festivities! First up is Halloween, we went up to Debbie's house to take the kids trick or treating, and had hoped the rain would hold off. That was not the case, but my awesome DH was a trooper and took the kids out in the rain. It did not damper their spirits one bit, and thankfully Debbie's husband supplied them with raincoats and umbrellas (we were obviously not very prepared)! LOL! While DH was out with the boys, Pixie and I stayed back at Debbie's house. We dressed her up and Debbie took pictures of her. She takes such beautiful photo's I love them.

Wyatt as James, and Owen as Troy Landry (swamp people show)

Isn't she the most adorable bunny!
Now to Pixie's birthday... I felt much more apprehensive with her first birthday than the other two. My DH and I both talk about having another little one, but as the time goes by it's hard to say if we will or not. The thought of the baby years being in the past makes me very sad. Even though there are tough moments, there are more wonderful things than I can ever list. The saddest thing to me is how quick all of these moments go, and with that I had a hard time accepting my little pixie is now one! My Mother-in-law came to celebrate her 1st birthday as she has done with all of my children. We all love when she visits, she is so good with the kids and they all adore her.  On each of my babies first birthday I have made them their own cake, a carrot/raisin cake with cream cheese icing. We also have a cake for everyone else, but the one I make them they get to squish, poke, and smear all over themselves if they desire. The cake was Owen's absolute favorite as a baby and I would make them all the time without the icing.

The boys were wild about her birthday, you would have thought it was their day! They helped her open her gifts, she got  books, puzzles, a little play kitchen and her first baby doll. It was so adorable, when I gave it to her she held it close and started rocking back and forth with it. It was the cutest thing, I found it amazing that she knew what to do with it. The picture aren't the best I struggle with low light photos and it drives me crazy! We had a great day for her, and I look forward to all the new things she will learn as she grows. Although these milestones can sometimes be a little sad, it is truly a beautiful thing to watch your children grow and learn.


  1. Tanya, you sound just like me when my kids were growing too fast, so I know exactly how you're feeling. It's weird to experience both joy and sadness at the same time, as you watch them grow. I guess that's part of motherhood. I love this post! Wonderful photos - looks like you've had a fun Autumn! Hugs to you! :)

  2. This is such a super fun post, loved reading it, Tanya! I can't think of the last time we had a rainy Halloween! Wow, that must have been something! Love the kids costumes and the two birthday cakes is a great idea! Love all the happy butterflies on the cake!

  3. OMG. She is the worlds most adorable bunny.

  4. We had such fun on Halloween! Love the photos of Laineys birthday!