Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LIfe is beautiful

 Card is PB stamps and colored with copics, then used a white gel pen to make stitch marks as inspired by Kathy @ The Daily Marker, I love her work!

I can finally blog again thanks to Hughes Net. I had tried unsuccessfully a few months ago to get another Internet that was suppose to be super fast, but the technician was unwilling to even attempt setting it up. When I called and complained they didn't even try to set up another install, they tried to sell me some different more expensive version that was not even as fast. I gave up for awhile, but realized a few of my new goals really depended on being able to use the Internet.  They had no trouble setting us up and it is so nice to be back!

In the next few weeks I am beginning a journey with my three crazy kids. One that we have struggled with, researched and prayed about. We have chosen to homeschool them, while the primary focus will be on Owen who is 9, Wyatt (4) and Pixie are going to be included as much as possible. I want to make it fun and foster a life-long love for learning so I plan to start that with the littles! Owen is excited to not be going back to school, so that is the easy part of it. Overall he did well last year, but we had quite a few issues that raised some red flags. One was falling behind, not getting concepts just to be shuffled to the next ones. It began causing a lot of confidence issues. There were many other factors but I saw a glimpse of what would happen if he remained in Public School and that was not the picture I wanted for my him or my other two. We are having to step back quite a bit on lesson plans since he is severely lacking in many fundamental concepts. I think he will excel very quickly, but I will not be doing him any justice if I don't address these issues now. I am excited and nervous about this new adventure, but am confident that this is the right choice for our family. I won't be blogging much about it here, but will be keeping a blog just for homeschool adventures at  I have just starting working on it, but hope to be posting regularly to document my new job!

Hopefully later today I can work on my cards, I saw CASology has another great challenge: birds! Love this new challenge site! Thanks for stopping by have a wonderful day.

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  1. This is stunning! Those white lines just make it POP!! Can't wait to check out your new blog :)