Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrate today

I am still loving these butterflies from Hero Arts, so much fun to color. I have been having a blast taking the new online class Kickstart. They have given me so many ideas on organization and kick starting your creativity. I haven't worked much on creating anything new, mainly just developing a better system for me to find my stuff. It is a work in progress but I feel good about the ideas and I think they will help me in the long run.

We have been keeping busy with school, work and play. The kids are crazy, and I love it. Listening to Wyatt and Pixie talk is the cutest thing ever. Pixie says "yes" to pretty much anything you ask her, but Wyatt really thinks she is answering him. He has the funniest conversations with her and I love listening to them. They are becoming such good friends, I am really enjoying their age difference. Not sure what we are going to get into this weekend. I am itching to go to Myrtle Beach, but there is also a Spot festival in town. We took the boys a few years ago and they had so much fun on all the slides. Both would be fun, so I guess we will just see what we feel like doing! Have a great weekend!

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  1. love the detail of the butterflies combined with the simply elegant flower, beautiful card!