Sunday, December 12, 2010

5 weeks in...

Where has the time went? I feel like I spent November in a haze and now December is flying by. I am so glad I started shopping early or I would be totally freaked out right now! We are finally getting into a groove as a family of 5! Not that we have any real schedule yet with Lainey, but we are starting to venture out with everyone. The boys still adore their sister, when she is in her bouncy seat, they both are on each side of her. Then I get to hear "Lainey's looking at me" (owen) "No, she's looking at me" (Wyatt), then it becomes more heated! It was funny the first few times, but now not so much! She is finally starting to sleep better at night. I spent many a nights sitting up holding her just so I could sleep. So many things you forget as your kids grow up. During the day, she we are lucky to get a 30 min. nap at anytime. Looking forward to when she figures out to sleep a little longer. She loves car rides, but once you stop moving she starts to cry. She is growing like a weed, seems like overnight! I swore when I had a little girl I was not going to dress her up, but now I see I was so wrong! The clothes for little girls are so cute! Hopefully in the next few days I will post our adventure to see Santa at the Train museum.


  1. Hi Tanya! Nice to hear from you! These photos are so precious! I love the last one! Lainey sure is a cutie with all that dark hair! What a wonderful Christmas you're going to have this year! Take care and big hugs! :)

  2. very cute pictures! you have 3 adorable children!!!!