Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Polar Express

Sunday we took the kids to the Train Museum in Wilmington, to hear the Polar Express. We have been taking Owen since they started doing it 4 or 5 years ago. Owen has always been very into trains, and love the museum. It seems in the past few years in seems Chris or Wyatt has been sick, so this is the first time in a few years we all were able to go.  The boys sat very quiet for the story, until the end when Wyatt had heard enough and kept quietly asking can I get up? He was good though, he sat there until they were done and then he was excited to be able to see all the trains in the displays. I think he is more Train obsessed than Owen ever was. After the story they have Santa come out to give the first gift of Christmas, the bell. Then all the kids get a turn seeing him. Owen is always very excited, and sadly I know the time is coming when he will not be into it. He patiently waited his turn and told Santa what he wanted. He is always my challenge during Christmas. Every year we do letters to Santa and write a few things he wants. However at the last minute he changes his list, usually when he see's Santa. This year they wrote letters in school, his list was a remote control car, an automatic pencil (lead pencil) and pencil sharpener. Which is funny since you do not need a pencil sharpener for a lead pencil, but that is Owen. Then he did his list at home: It had a RC crane, a matchbox set and a nerf gun. This was after much coaching from his list that were things that are not even made. His response to this is Santa is magic ( yes he is ) and he can make any toy I can dream of (umm no, I don't think so). Now for his list when he saw Santa, he asked for his entire family to be together (so sweet, but so not going to happen), and now the big one a RC Robot, that can fly to outer space!

When I asked Wyatt if he wanted to sit and tell Santa what he wanted he said "nope", I tried to get him to a few more times, before my DH told me to let it go. Once you have children you have to learn to let things go, so again no Santa picture with Wyatt. I won't lie I was disappointed, I have been talking Santa up all month, and I really thought he would.

My boys are in the black and green jackets

Wyatt after getting his treat bag!

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  1. Oh, Tanya. . .you've brought back so many wonderful memories, from when my two boys were little! Love this post and so glad you shared the cute photos of your fun day!