Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sibling love, the sweetest thing

Owen absolutely adores Lainey, and it is very apparent that she loves him too! He can't wait to see her when we pick him up at school. He asks to hold her all the time, sadly we have to be careful since Wyatt doesn't quite understand why he can't do the same as Owen. If it weren't for this I don't think Lainey would spend one moment out of someones arms! As soon as she see's Owen she starts to squeal, kicking her feet and flailing her arms, and when he isn't paying attention to her or leaves she starts to pout and cry. I really think my DH is jelous that she is not this way with him yet.
Last night we put the boys to bed and about 20 minutes later we heard someone coming down the hall. Owen handed my DH a piece of paper, he looked like he was about to cry, Owen is a very sensitive little boy and so very sweet. Don't get me wrong he can be rough and tumble with his Daddy and brother but he is so very sweet too! Chris handed to me to read and it was the sweetest letter to little Lainey. Earlier that day Owen had said he wanted another baby sister, I told him to ask his Daddy since my DH told me 3 is it! Honestly I never thought he would want the 2nd and never dreamed he would agree to a 3rd child. But he is such an incredible father to our kids, and loves them more than anything else.  Owen asked DH if we could have another baby and said I want twins! Then they could play together! I think the answer is definitely finished after that idea! 


  1. Oh, Tanya, this is so sweet! I adore the photo and am so glad you shared it with us! That is the cutest letter! Savor these special moments. . . they pass by so quickly!