Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011 recap

Owen tells me Easter is his favorite holiday, although I am pretty sure he says that about Christmas too! It may have something to do with the Easter Bunny gets a little crazy with the baskets, I love spoiling my kids ( I know many say that it is bad, but it's so fun!)  Easter bunny tries not to give too much candy, he fills the eggs that we use for the hunt, my husband makes sure there is a Chocolate bunny, apparently that is a Easter must.  The bunny was shunned the first time candy went into Owen's Easter basket and a terrible crime was committed, no chocolate bunny! It was duly noted and now each basket contains one chocolate bunny for those who are of age. The baskets also always contain a Pez dispenser. My kids can already have a huge collection, as I adore these cute little candy dispensers.  The rest of the basket usually contains a book, a stuffed animal, a few toys, etc. This year it was so neat to have three baskets lining the table. Owen always snoops, I know because I take a picture after I finish the baskets. When I get up in the morning everything is rearranged, I find it funny as I was the same way! He always tries to act surprised as he goes thru his basket, but in the wee hours I know he already went through his loot!  The Easter Bunny also hides tons of eggs, my DH said he had never hid so many! He creates a path that the bunny takes to get to our house. The only problem is our outside dog Kane likes to eat them so we have to start outside of the electric dog fence. He places them down the road, out in the field and in the woods. Only this year something got into some of them! They were cracked open and the candy was missing, it was pretty funny! After the hunt the boys checked out their stash and played. We had a non-traditional dinner of pork bbq, mashed potatoes, baked beans and chocolate cake for dessert! I even had time to craft while Lainey napped!  It was a perfect holiday, I love these moments!
Owen decorating eggs

I love his expression
I Love my sweet boys! 
The small ones are eggs from our Bantam Cochins, they make the best eggs for coloring
The boys are on the hunt!
Won't be long before she will be joining in on the fun!

Only had a second to snap a picture of all three, Wyatt was on the move!

Baby girl with her Easter loot.


  1. Love the photos and the day sounds like so much fun! You should take photos before and after of the baskets and then show them to Owen when he is older :).

  2. Loved reading your Easter celebration! Looks like all the kiddies were happy with their loot! Too funny about Owen peeking inside his early..lol! My Chris has that same Sandra Boynton book and he still loves to read it!

  3. Awww, these photos are so sweet, Tanya! Just love seeing them! Looks like you had such a blessed Easter! Thanks for sharing!