Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Layered Birthday

Stamp is from set of 4 wooden cupcakes (hero arts). I used  Memory Box  PP. The sentiment is also from hero arts. I used a little spica glitter pen to highlight the rose (it is hard to see on the photo) TFL! The rest of the post is just a little venting therapy  : ) !

What a week it has already been! Poor Owen's hermit crab Hermie died, it was his first pet (that he was responsible for). He was so sad, it broke my heart. We buried him under a pretty plum tree in the garden. Wyatt (who is 3) kept asking why we put Hermie in the dirt, please get him out.  Owen took a stick and wrote "He was my best friend, I will miss you Hermie", and then picked out some nice rocks for the area. It was hard for me because I know how difficult losing pets is. We have a 11 year old lab, who was our first child, and he is the best dog. He has severe hip dysplasia in both hips and arthritis in all legs, it is amazing he is still getting along, but I know one day we will be dealing with this. It is so difficult with children, explaining what happens and why, I am not looking forward to that. 

Then yesterday, Wyatt, Lainey and I spent almost 4 hours at Urgent care with DH, we think he has kidney stones, but chose not to have the CT scans to verify. Two years ago, he had to have these scans and we just finished paying off our portion of the cost. This time we asked how much prior and to see if they would work with us. We have BCBS of NC, but a large deductible, crazy for how much we still spend each year. Our portion of the CT scans was going to be $4,100.00!!! I cannot begin to tell you have crazy this is, especially for paying almost $10K a year for insurance to begin with. While I am sure if he doesn't feel better in a few days, we may have to do this, it is insane! After the pain shots yesterday, he does feel better today, just worn out. Thank goodness the kids were super good, everyone commented on them.  I am just emotionally wore our, I love my DH, but sometimes I don't think I will be able to handle the "in sickness" vowels I took. No matter what he has it is always the worst pain in the world. Now, I have never had kidney stones, and I have heard they are very painful. But the way he was I was sure they were going to call an ambulance and take him straight to the ER.  I know everyone has different pain thresholds, but I wanted to put him out of his misery myself! I am sure the Doctors thought I was cold, but I have been through lots of health issues with him and I know how he is , it just drives me crazy. I just am glad he could never give birth to kids, or we would have only had one! Thanks for letting me vent, if you are still here!


  1. I am still here and I couldn't help but laugh, don't tell Chris! Exactly what kind of pain relief were you going to give him???? Insurance is ridiculous, sometimes I wonder why we bother when they hardly cover anything. Your card is great, don't know when you found time to make it. Hang in there! Hope Chris feels much better soon.

  2. Your card is lovely and I can totally sympathize with your story - the "in sickness" part worries me, too. Men can be such babies and when they're in the least bit of pain the world revolves around them. Mine thinks I am cold hearted, too, because I don't take every little ache and pain he has seriously. And insurance?? We don't even have any right now, but don't get me started on that subject. I hate insurance companies. At least he has the VA if he does get sick.

    I hope Chris feels better soon and you can avoid the CT scans.