Sunday, February 28, 2010

My little picasso

My two boys are so very different in almost every way. When Owen was Wyatt's age he was not one bit interested in coloring, drawing or writing. As much as I tried to get him to write, and hold the pencil even as  a preschooler he was not intrested. Wyatt from an early age has always liked to draw, so much that I have become good friends with the magic eraser (I love that thing).  He enjoys decorating anything he can get away with! You can give him a piece of paper and a crayon and he will be occupied for a long time. In the mornings when I do my work, he sits at the table and draws while I pay bills, and keep up with the books. The neat thing now is he is telling you what his pictures are. During therapy last week his coordinator came for her monthly visit. Wyatt drew her a picture and she said "wow Wyatt, that is a wonderful circle", he looked at her and said "Moon". We all laughed so hard, because he looked really put off that she didn't know it was a moon.  I really hope he continues to enjoy drawing, he has it in his genes (not from me)  so hopefully he will!

Bindi eyeing the crayon, don't know why but she love to eat crayons, and will devour one in just a few seconds paper and all!

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  1. very cute! he really looks like he's concentrating on what he's doing!