Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Purple blooms

I have been struggling with feeling inspired lately, I end up stamping a bunch of stuff to find nothing working and then putting it all down to come back later. The other day while checking in on some of my favorite blogs I came across a card done by Lin (quilterlin) and felt totally inspired. I love how she used the viney, fern stamp from Hero Arts and that totally sparked my creativity! I had bought the flowers (Hero Arts) a while back but had yet to use them and I now LOVE them! I am entering this card into the Hero Arts, floral challenge for this month. The sentiment is from PTI, all other stamps are Hero Arts.

As I type this it is almost 8 a.m. and baby girl is still asleep! She was up at 5, and then back up at 6, but I put some music on for her and back to sleep she went! Now if I could have only had Wyatt sleep-in instead of crawling in bed with me at 6 to ask me to make him breakfast! LOL! He is so sweet though, he will hug and kiss me and tell me "I wuv you" it is totally worth it! I am seeking any advice for Potty training with my hard headed sweet boy! Owen was so easy, trained well before he was 3! Wyatt will be 3 1/2 and will just fuss and cry everytime I ask him to go potty. Once he is there he will usually go, but has no care to go on his own! I am totally frustrated, and don't know how to handle this, leave him be for awhile? Or keep trying to get him to go? Any advice? My DH asked if I was surprised he was so difficult, he did not walk until he was almost 2, or talk until then either. No reason for it, just because he didn't want to! Anyway, have a wonderful day!


  1. Love, love, love this card. Have these stamps but haven't used them yet but you have inspired me to get busy :)

  2. Gorgeous. Sounds like Owen just wants to do things in his own time :o)

  3. oh golly, that is one gorgeous card...the beautiful stamping and the color combo is just too perfect! LOVE it. So glad you played with us in the Lily Pad pond.
    I love hearing about your sweet family, it brings back fond memories of when mine were young. I'm sorry I don't any great advice for potty training other than to be keep being patient.

  4. What a gorgeous card - love the design of it!

    I think Owen will decide for himself when the time is right. Frustrating for you, but it will happen.

  5. This is such a pretty card - love these colors!

    I didn't have a boy, but I've heard it on good authority that boys can often be cajoled into taking an interest if you give them a little extra challenge by putting a few Cheerios in the toilet and telling them to try to hit them. (An added bonus is that it improves their aim.) Hang in there, mama!!!

    Thanks for playing with us at Lily Pad Cards!