Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet blooms

This is another card I made with the Stamp Camp colors this week. I love these flower stamps from Hero Arts. I used chalk ink in the Hero Hues colors and a few different background stamps. This week has flown by, guess it has to do with the 4th being on Monday.  
We have been having problems with rat snakes during the last week here. They are suppose to be a "good" snake to have around, however we have chickens and purple martins that we try to keep safe. The dogs had one pinned under the porch over the weekend about 5 feet long. Chris caught it and relocated the snake. Then the other night I went to put the chickens up and couldn't close the door. I apparently had shut the door right on a rat snake going into the chicken  house. I screamed and ran and got my DH, I do not like snakes. We were unsure since it was getting dark what kind of snake it was so armed with a flashlight and a shovel he went in to investigate. It was another rat snake this one around 6 feet. We decided to get rid of this one since he was too close to all of our birds. Last year we had 2 snakes climb up our Martin house and eat all the babies it was horrible. They even found their way around the snake guard we bought. We try to check the house often, so hopefully with this snake gone, it will be one less snake to get our birds!  

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  1. what a pretty card! I love your beautiful flowers. My philosophy is "the only good snake is a dead snake" Glad he didn't bite you when you shut the door on him.