Friday, July 8, 2011

Watercolor pinstriped flower

One of my favorite designers Jill Foster has tutorials and videos over at She has been featuring the new Faber-Castell's new line of products. I couldn't wait to get these and I love them. Jill does such a wonderful job explaining and demonstrating different techniques to use with this product line. She is truly inspiring, and I couldn't wait to work with the watercolor pencils to create a piece like this one: here. I used the summer camp colors again, since I had most of the colors still out. I have one more card to share tomorrow from the same color combo, which did I tell you I love?
Today I am off to get Lainey weighed again, I am hoping she has gained a little weight since last Monday. She is still having issues nursing, I cannot figure out what is going on, after I get her weighed again I will try to figure out the best plan for both of us. It is hard for me since she is my last baby (according to DH! LOL!) so there are a lot of emotions wrapped up with it. I just have to remember that regardless of what I have to do I have tried to work through this phase and the ultimate goal is a happy healthy baby and mommy! Have a great Friday everyone!.



  1. Awww, good luck with Lainey, Tanya. I sure hope she's gained some weight and you figure it all out. Lovely card today! Hugs to you!

  2. Wonderful coloring, Tanya. Let me know how Lainey's weight my fingers crossed that you get good news.