Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby chicks and a few favorite chickens

This morning I was able to snap a quick picture of the grey hen and her babies. It looks like we may only have two from her. She is very protective and I had to pick her up to get the quick look at the chicks. They both look great I am going to have to relocate them to a safer place tomorrow I think.  Mingling among all the other chickens is dangerous for them until they get a little bigger. Aren't they cute!

This is the General, he is our Dominique rooster, he rules the flocks, making sure that any fights get broken up. He does not tolerate picking on each other in his house! Even though they have roost in the house they all choose to huddle around him to sleep it is sweet.

This is Bella Blue, she had a rough start as a baby chick. Her momma has only hatched one chick since I had her and she was not a very good mom. I found her squished and pecked in horrible shape so I placed her in a small box so I could find suitable housing for her. I placed her up high where I thought she would be safe, but within minutes a group of curious chickens found her and knocked her from her 5 feet to the ground. Then since she was injured they started to peck at her. I felt horrible, thankfully I got to her quickly and she lived for 5 months on my screen porch. My DH was not thrilled with the mess she would make, but I was scared to put her out with the flock. This spring I slowly introduced her to everyone and every night would have to tuck her in as she was too scared to go in by herself. She is now fully integrated with everyone, still a little flighty around some of the bigger chickens. But she comes right up to me and loves to be carried and petted. She is by far my prettiest hen and the sweetest.

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  1. Love the babies, they look so sweet! General looks like a great name for the rooster, he definitely looks like a take charge sort of guy!