Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guess what...

We found out Thursday we are having a girl! When we decided we wanted to add another child to our family, everyone assumed we were trying for a girl, since we have two boys already. More than anything I just wanted to have another child, but the truth be told I was terrified it would be a girl. I have been so nervous about this ultrasound. I am use to boys, have all boy things and my boys are rough and tumble adding a girl to the mix is a scary thing. However, yesterday Owen had an Awards Ceremony for completing first grade. While talking to his teacher a little girl who was sitting near us had heard our conversation. She looked at me and said, "Girls are fun, and not scary at all, you will be just fine" then she added "except for my big sister". Then I looked around at all the little girls in his class and though  I will be fine! That is why I love kids, they see things so much simpler than we do and untainted. We make things so complicated and stressful, if only we could keep that outlook as we grew older. How much happier the world would be!  We will all find our groove and things will be crazy, but that is okay too!  I am sure she will be able to hold her own against her brothers, but I also see how sweet and caring Owen is to Wyatt and know he will adore her. A friend told Chris, well your days of hunting and fishing are over its tea parties for you now! I thought that was funny! I am starting to get excited about the cute clothes, buying dolls, and making her a quilt. I think I am going to make the quilt using a similar color pallet like the above card. All stamps are PTI, the PP is Memory Box. I paper pieced the house and sign.  Thank for stopping by have a great weekend!


  1. love the card and the news! You're a great mom to Owen and Wyatt and you will be a great mom to this little girl! I love what the little girl said, you're right that's how we need to look at things :)

  2. Hi Tanya! So fun to hear this news!! You're gonna have a GIRL!! WOO HOO!! I know what you mean about being used to boys, but it'll be so special for your daughter to have two big brothers to watch out for her! Such fun! Love the card! Beautiful colors! :)