Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tweetsie RR

Today is a totally non-craft post for we are finally taking our first ever family vacation of four! Both the boys love trains so when I saw Thomas was going to be at Tweetsie RR in Boone,   I planned our trip. I knew it was going to be a bad time to have Chris leave work, but Thomas only comes for a week. I told my DH we were going with or without him, and thankfully he was able to come. The boys would have been very disappointed with just me as I was unable to ride most of the rides since I am pregnant (bummer). Chris was on the phone for a good bit of the day putting out fires as we call it, but we are here and that is what is important.  The boys were so excited to ride on Thomas, and to see Sir Topham Hat too! They both were so good, Wyatt was awesome on the 5 hour trip here, not one complaint from him.  Wyatt rode everything even the crazy spinning rides, he loved it. Owen of course was his usual outgoing self, with no fear and had a blast on all the rides. I love his spirit, and it seem Wyatt is like him in that way so far. Tomorrow we are going to try gem mining and then downtown Boone and on Sat. we are heading up to Galax to visit the family farm. I have agreed to try to rough it and we are camping up there. Not sure how that will go, should be interesting!


  1. Oh, Tanya...this sure brought back some wonderful memories for me! My two boys LOVED Thomas the Tank Engine! We had tons of those small metal trains and they adored playing with them! Looks like your two are having a fun time! Good luck with the are braver than I am when it comes to roughing it, that's for sure! Thanks for sharing these fun photos! :)

  2. These are great photos! Looks and sounds like they are both having fun! Owen is getting so grown looking!