Wednesday, March 16, 2011

19 Weeks today!

This card is made using the new big brush pens from Faber-Castill, have I told you how much I love them. I have had marvy markers and used stampin-up ones, but these blow them away. The tip is so nice, flexible, and doesn't seem to show any wear on them. There is a nice array of colors, and I am sure as they become more popular they will create even more color options. 

Today, Miss Lainey is 19 weeks old, she is growing so fast! Her new trick is rolling over from back to belly, and she is really good at it now. The only problem is she cannot get herself back, so then she gets really mad. The boys all run to her rescue, the minute she starts to fuss, it is so cute. Wyatt enjoys showing her new toys to discover right now she is obsessed with the tv switcher, and so much so that she doesn't know if she wants to squeal or cry. We still are not right from the time change, I love having extra daylight, but it is tough getting the little ones adjusted. Hoping for some sleep this week : ) Have a wonderful week!

Love this one, she is checking out Owen's face.

Our big girl!


  1. Oh, she has more hair growing in! Look at those gorgeous eyes! Love when you share photos of the kids, Tanya. . .so sweet! I remember those long Summer days when it was bedtime but still light outside. . .good luck with that! :) Love your pretty card today too! Keep those photos coming!

  2. She is precious! I have a 6 month old granddaughter and it is so much fun watching her do new things. Your card is beautiful - saw it on Flickr and came here :-)

  3. Just look at that little princess - gorgeous eyes! Thanks for sharing these sweet pics Tanya!
    Love your card, too!

  4. Your card is beautiful but your sweet children are absolutely adorable! Miss Lainey will be a heart breaker someday.

  5. She is so beautiful! love the picture of her looking at Owen. she is growing so fast!! We need a girls day very soon. great card too. I can't wait to get more of those markers.