Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Already Wednesday?

Hello Father Time are you there? Please slow down, my days are flying by and my babies are growing much too fast! It seems my days are a blur, it could be because baby girl has forgotten how to sleep the past three days, and we are up every 2-3 hours. Mostly I think we are all so busy and I wish for some down time to just enjoy the moments. Not moments like these though (ha-ha)! Yesterday, Wyatt made a huge mess in the living room and when I asked for him to help clean it up, he refused (gotta love 3 year olds) so I told him if he wasn't going to help, he could go in his room. Now he and his big brother share a room, but I was preoccupied with cleaning up the mess and wasn't too concerned with him being in there so quiet. I should have known, he came out later and when we went to tuck the boys into bed my DH asked Owen why his fish food was all over the dresser. Poor Owen had no idea, but I knew right away who was the culprit. Wyatt apparently was trying to feed the fish, and dumped two bottles of food everywhere, in the dresser, floor and some did make it into the tank. I am now waiting for Wyatt to wake to see if the fish survived his giant feast! 

The card above was made with a penny black stamp, and the new big brush markers from Faber-castill. I love these, they come in the best colors and are so juicy and nice to color with! The background is a hero arts Thank you cling, and the dragonfly is part of a stamp but I cannot remember the company. The edges of the panel are distressed with broken china and the Thank you is stamped with the hero hues in latte I think. Have a great Wednesday


  1. Oh, Tanya, I remember those days. . .I used to live by the saying, "This too shall pass." I love when you share your stories of the kids! Hang in there, and I sure hope you get some sleep soon! Love your card! Such pretty colors and layers!

  2. I, too, remember those days. Sometimes I wish I could go back there, it seems things were simpler then. I love your card and am amazed you can find the time to create. I'm glad you do :-)