Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye Irene

Just a quick card for today: not a favorite, but one I had done for a challenge and never had time to post. I stamped the magical background in green, and then used versamark to stamp the reverse image and the I embossed it. The image was colored with markers, and then attached to background colors that complimented the image.

Well the hurricane is gone and thankfully it wasn't too bad. We were well prepared, generator, gasoline, water and tons of food. She seem to stay in our area forever, we had a lot of rain and some pretty kicking winds especially in the early morning hours of Saturday. I fell asleep and was dreaming about being in a house on stilts, the wind knocked the house over and I woke up. That was when I realized the wind in my dream was actually outside our house. After that I could not sleep, and spent the rest of the night pacing the house trying to listen for trees breaking. Unbelievable we did not lose power except for moments of flickering thought the night. We usually lose it during a thunderstorm so I don't know why we didn't have any problems. Many others were not so lucky, and even school is closed today because some schools were still without power last night. Once we went outside we were surprised that we only lost a few older trees in the field, lots of branches and debris but that is all. We were so blessed that we were spared the worst as she was a massive storm and it could have turned out very different.

The boys enjoyed playing in the rain before the winds kicked in, I call them my storm chasers, you could hardly keep them in during the early rain showers, before the winds started.  Owen finally got tired of getting soaked and decided to go out in his swimsuit. I wish I could of gotten good pictures but my little pixie was very sick. She had been running a high fever since Wed. luckily we had her check up the next day and they thought she might have roseola. She felt so bad, all she wanted to do was lay on me it's scary when they are not their usually perky self. Her fever finally broke Sunday, and then the rash developed so they were right. Today she is definitely feeling better, still tired but much more herself. Not sure what we will do today, have lots of things to get done, just no energy. Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


  1. Hi Tanya...I'm glad that you didn't suffer much storm damage in your can be so scary when mother nature is out of control! I like your card alot!

  2. So glad Lainey is feeling better and all is well after the storm. Is Owen enjoying his extra day out of school?

  3. So glad to hear that you are all safe and sound! Phew, what a story to behold! Love the array of colors on your flowers/dandelions and the different techniques you used to achieve this look. I've never tried reverse stamping before!