Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer pictures

 My dear sweet little pixie girl, I could just eat her up! Lainey is learning so big, and to clap her hands, and crawling. She is still very petite, but don't let her size full you. She can scurry after the kitty cat and has even learned to sneak attack my poor thing. She is now pulling herself up on everything, so nothing is safe. The boys have taken to entertaining her with remote control vehicles and think its a riot as she chases them across the room. She is has a very mild temperment, very happy to explore and play as long as I am within site. She is my girl for now, Daddy watches her and as long as he keeps her moving she is good. I would love to have a camera set up to see how things go when I leave them. I know it won't be long before she is put under the spell that takes all my sweet babies to "the dark side" as I jokingly call it! Each of the boys were all about me until they became Daddy's boys. For now I will enjoy me sweet, beautiful baby girl, oh how I wish time could stop and keep her this way.
You should see the sequence of photo's it took to get one good shot, it is hilarous! These three keep me on my toes, and busy all day! It is by far the toughest job I have ever had, but for sure the most rewarding. My wish for the three of them is to be happy and healthy and always stay close to one another. I love seeing families that have a bond that cannot be broken, and I want that.
This is my child who keeps me constantly questioning what am I doing wrong! LOL! He is too smart and quick witted for me and knows how to drive me mad! I am aware that some of our issues has to do with his age and testing limits, but it is still so difficult. He is an awesome kid, so sweet and caring to his baby sister. He loves to help me cook, and clean, and enjoys watching cooking shows with me. He is becoming quite the fisherman, and he really knows his stuff. We have lures, worms, and all kinds of other fishing stuff all over.

Wyatt, my curly headed crazy child. He was put here I do believe to make sure I know I am not in controll! He has always done things in his own time, when he was ready not when I thought i should be done. He was delayed walking and talking, but has definelty made up for lost time. He is very athletic, swinging a golf club and bat like a pro. He can throw a ball and accurateley hit a target almost every time. It is funny how night and day the boys are. For example, when Owen would get hurt I would say let Mommy kiss it and make it better. He would accept that kisses help, and be consoled by it. Wyatt will get hurt and I will kiss the the spot and he will look at me and say "it doesn't make it feel better". It makes me laugh, because he is right even though I wish I had a magical cure to fix a boo-boo, I don't! He loves popsicles, milkshakes, but he also loves carrots, celery and apples. I love that! Then there are the days that Wyatt ask's if he is big yet? Big enough to go fishing with Daddy and Owen, Oh sweet boy it will happen soon enough.

Owen loves the water

Love those curls

Owen fishing in Greenfield lake


  1. LOVE the photos :). Owen is all legs now, can't believe how long and lanky he is getting. Wish I had a video of you trying to get a picture of all 3 of them together!

  2. Oh, wow, these photos are wonderful, Tanya! I love seeing the boys getting so big! All three of them are so cute! You are one lucky mama! I know what you mean by wanting time to stand still. Enjoy this time with them and thanks so much for sharing with us! Hugs to you! :)