Sunday, June 10, 2012

Boone Vacation- Part 1

I am taking a break from craft posting for a few weeks, more on that on a later post.  We are on our family vacation in Boone, NC and I have high speed Internet! So exciting! So I am going to post our trip here for the next few days. I look forward to getting crafty soon, but for now here's what were up to...

Last year we stayed in a cabin that was nice, but had a few issues, one being the first night there was a mouse living in the shower. When I went to pull the curtain back he flew up to the wall and scarred me from ever wanting to take a shower in there. We never did see him again, so I am sure it was just as frightening for him! LOL! The place was located on a beautiful ridge, with a very steep drop, and no yard. With Pixie being so mobile, I feared for her falling straight down. I searched for weeks until I found this:

I want to live here forever!

The creek is right on the property, the boys are in heaven.
The Watuga river is right across our road.

 Wyatt has been beyond excited to go see Thomas, he has been asking how many sleeps for weeks. When we got to Tweetsie on Friday Wyatt had a breakdown, he was trembling and telling us he was scared. At tweetsie they work a cowboy and Indians skit into the ride. The Indians run onto the train and by the end even though they try to make it funny, a good bit of the little ones are crying. The first time Owen went before we had Wyatt he hid under the seats. Wyatt didn't seem fazed him at all before, but he must have been thinking about it for awhile. It broke my heart, because he was so excited, we came him lots of encouragement and reassured him he was safe, and he did great. After the ride he told me " it wasn't too scary".

9 year olds are not good photo subjects
Pixie and her daddy on the train ride

Pixie loves flowers.

Wyatt was a blast on all the rides!

We had a fantastic day, all three were so good. We took turns keeping Pixie entertained. Mostly she played with her angry bird, she is totally into them. She spent a good 15 minutes entertaining a group of people as she tried to sit on the bird. It was hysterical, Owen wore the big kid rides out, and Wyatt was a blast taking on the rides, he loved the ferris wheel and the spinning rides. It took me a few hours to not feel ill though! Wyatt is already planning next years trip: )


  1. Tanya, I am so glad you're sharing your trip! The photos are awesome! What a gorgeous cabin that is and it sure looks like everyone is having a great time! Enjoy the rest of it - hugs!

  2. sounds like so much fun and that place looks amazing. Enjoy all your family time :)

  3. That cabin is adorable! I want to live there forever too - and I haven't even seen the inside. :D

    The pics of you all are great!