Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Looking for gems...

We have been having the best time, minus the frustrations with work for my DH. I feel so bad the aggravation he endures do to no fault of him. I know how it goes, and the only good or bad thing has been we don't have service at the cabin. We can tell someones called but hearing messages or talking to someone is not an option. The first day we were here, one of our machine operators quit or was fired. We don't really know the real story yet, but that has created a void on one of our jobs. Running a business is so stressful, and it's not something that you can ever leave at work. It is our lively hood, and consumes most of our lives, ultimately it's not the most important thing. However it does feed, cloth and shelter us, so we have to keep it going. I wish I could take the stress away from DH.

We tried a new place Gem mining, and it was great. We went to Foggy Mnt. Gem Mine, and they were wonderful. We found some beautiful rocks, some we are going to have cut and some we are saving for later. I plan on getting a rock tumbler when we get home, to smooth some of the non-valuable ones we found. I spent my time chasing after Pixie, who loved running up and down the rubber mat they had. She has enjoyed all the hills here, and loves going downhill. 

Later that day when it cleared up we took the kids to the park we found last year by accident. The kids enjoyed playing on the playground and in the river. This year I planned ahead and made sure I brought everyone a chance of clothes.

Our own modern day "Huck Finn"
It rained most of the morning we mined, but later it cleared up enough to take the kids back to Bass Lake. They caught quite a few fish, we watched the swans dive for food, and got some exercise around the loop.
I thought this was hysterical!
Pixie looks like she knows what she is doing!

Later that day we took the kids to Mast General Store, and the park behind the store. It has a beautiful playground, and a fun spot to play in the river. The kids had a great time getting wet and this time I planned ahead and brought a chance of clothes for everyone. Tomorrow will be my last post with some of last vacation pictures, next week I will have a crafty post for you.

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