Monday, June 11, 2012


The last few days we have been exploring. Saturday we went to the local farmers Market. It was a very popular spot, DH almost canned the idea when we saw how many people were there. Luckily we found someone leaving and got a decent spot. They had all kinds of local foods, meats, breads, honey and jam. We got the best peach pound cake I have ever had, and a few mixes to take home to make sourdough bread. The kids got to see some bee hives up close (under glass) and taste the local wildflower honey. After exploring the market we went to Horn on the west, which is set up like a village some +250 years ago. They had actors portraying different characters and we learned how to cook a chicken like they did back then.

Later that day we went to Bass Lake, it was gorgeous. People were riding their horses on the trails, and other were relaxing or fishing by the lake.

Fishing paradise!

I love how sweet these two are to each other

We also went to Blowing Rock, and I have to say that was a huge disappointment. I guess I don't like when they make something into a tourist attraction and you leave feeling ripped off. The view was pretty, but not any nicer than the ones you can see for free from the Parkway. Last year we went to Grandfather Mountain, and while it was expensive there was tons to do there. If you wanted to hike you could spend all day doing that. At least we can say we have visited it, but we won't be going back.

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  1. Loving all the pictures! When I read about the peach pound cake I almost got in the car and headed that way!!