Sunday, January 10, 2010


Another cold day here, I want it to snow or get warm! Chris and I spent our morning picking out our fruit trees we are going to plant in the field. Every year we try to make ourselves more self sufficient with our "mini farm". When we moved here there were two peach trees that never produced, Chris pruned and fertilized and now they are wonderful. We have 3 large plots that we plant every spring and fall, we are still in the learning phase of this! We have a decent spring/summer garden every year now, but the fall one is still hit or miss! This year we want to get our mini orchard going, we ordered plums, apples, pears, and cherry trees. If they do well in 2-4 years we will have plenty of fruit!!!! I guess you have to start somewhere though!

While the boys were watching the Ravens play, I worked in my office. Mostly cleaning up and trying to organize. When I start to work, my area becomes a chaotic mess! It is a little better, but I got bored cleaning and starting coloring with my copics. The fish are from hero arts, they are so adorable. When I have more time I want to work on a better design but it turned out cute enough I think!

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