Thursday, August 26, 2010

Best wishes

The card I have today is a simple embossed flower image in white and matted on a cuttlebug embossed background. The butterfly and sentiment are also embossed in white. Queen Ann's Lace was my Grandmothers favorite, they grew in abundance down at the summer house they had.

Today I had another ultrasound, everything is progressing well except she is very big. Both my boys were large 9.3lbs for my first and then induced 1 week early and 8.8lbs for the next. I can't quite remember being check so often with Wyatt so I don't know how his growth compares to hers. They estimate her at 4.2 lbs and in the 97% at 29w, 2 days. When I got home I looked up weights and the average is 2.54lbs at that gestation.  I really thought I was further along than that, but I guess they know better than I.  I am not sure if it had to do with her telling me how big she is or what but I experienced a pretty good dizzy spell today. I started sweating and felt horrible, once I sat up and rested for a few minutes I started feeling better. The Dr. felt sure they would still induce at 39 weeks, I just hope that I can get her out, I really don't want to have a c-section. Today after picking Owen up from school I showed him her pictures, and he was so funny asking about how big she was when God put her in my belly. Then he asked again how she was going to come out, I try not to go into to much detail.  I don't want him educating his class on where babies come from!  Tomorrow is Friday, looking forward the weekend!


  1. Wow! This is really gorgeous! love the white on kraft look!

  2. Stunning card, Tanya! I really like the pop of the white on the kraft.

  3. Tanya, you won the last Caardvarks challenge but I haven't received your information. Check out Caardvarks and email us! :)