Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bookmark and some chick picts.

For PTI release last month they had bookmark dies and a cute booklovers stamp set. I love to read, the problem is I read too fast, and seem to run out of authors I like. When Owen was little we were at the library at least once a week, it was wonderful! Fast forward to having two kids, and the second hating the library, when we do go it's a quick dash to grab something interesting before he has a melt down. When Owen and I have a chance we try to leave Wyatt with my DH so we can leisurely look for books, but not often enough.

I went out this afternoon and tried to snap a few photo's of our chick army, they are so quick and hardly ever sit still. Many are hiding under the hens, but I think I got most of them in these. I love the assortment of colors we have, they are Bantam Cochins we have red, buff, white, grey, and blue. 

These are the first batch of five that hatch, they are already fully feathered, and very curious. The grey rooster has become their pal and they hang out most of the day together. I have 3 roosters and 2 hens out of these.


  1. So glad you shared the pics, Tanya! Love how fuzzy they are! So cute! Fabulous tag too!

  2. Your tag is beautiful...I sooo love the poppies!!! Your chick army is adorable, DH wants to add chickens to our *hobby farm* but we have to fix a big closed in pen first. We have too many hungry coyotes around here to let them run in an open area.