Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chicks anyone?????????

This is another card using the unity set, I didn't like the color of it until Debbie suggesting distressing the green background paper. It made all the difference, that is why it is so fun to craft with a friend. Someone can look at something totally different and give some wonderful feedback!

I am so excited to be going to Charlotte on Friday with Debbie, if I can ever make it through this week. What was suppose to be a laid back easy week has turned into utter pain! I am so ready for some R&R! Friday cannot get here soon enough! On another note we spent the weekend with some friends on the waterway and had a blast. Before we left I had 5 new baby chicks that had hatched, when we returned I knew I was in trouble. There were so many chicks that I couldn't count them all! I estimate around 20 new babies, one of our hens must have had a nest somewhere and has brought her family to live back in the house! My DH just shook his head, I think I am going to post a sign at the feed store to try to get find homes for most of them. We just want to wait for them to get a little bigger. It is quite a sight in the house right now with all those little puff-balls running around!

Tomorrow I have to take the 3 hour glucose test as I failed the first one. I had gestational diabetes with my first, but not my second, I so hope I pass this one! Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh, Tanya, please share a picture of all those chicks. I would love to see that! Pretty card today! Love the distressing you've added. And good luck on the glucose test. I know all about diabetes, as my 19 year old son has had the disease since he was 3 years old. Not a fun thing to go through during pregnancy. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way!