Monday, January 16, 2012

Floral Panel

I love all of the beautiful cards I have seen using this background stamp. I was totally inspired when I saw Debbie's card, I love how soft the colors are all the beautiful details: the pearls, ribbon and butterflies. I stamped my card with white ink and embossed it on watercolor paper. I then used my very lonely distressed inks to add color to the stamped panel. I added dimension by stamping the larger flower again and using dimensional tape. I added extra color with a nib to certain areas after the first application dried. 

This week my little pixie is entering the new world of toddlerhood. She started taking steps the week after Christmas, but since then has really come a long way. I love watching her wide legged wobble with her whole body working toward the direction she is going. She is a determined little thing, and will try quite a few time to successfully make her way to where she was going. She even carries things with her, I caught her Saturday carrying a stool. She is a smart little one, taking her stool over to the dining room chairs. From there she was able to climb on the chair to get something she wanted from the table. I am sure you can imagine how busy she is keeping me now! LOL! It is truly a incredible thing to watch them figure out things. Have a wonderful beginning of the week, thank you for stopping by!


  1. Ooh!! This is so, so pretty! Love what you've done here with this gorgeous background stamp!

  2. Love your beautiful orange flowers with the softer yellow and green. Lainey is going to give you a run for your money :). So smart to take her stool with her. Hope you are taking some video.

  3. So gorgeous, Tanya! I love the colors you used! It was fun reading the way you describe Lainey starting to walk! Such a fun and cute age! :)