Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sick day :(

January 2012 035

Card uses the new floral background from Hero Arts. The Floral pot is from Outlines, used distressed stains to color the images.

Yesterday poor Pixie came down with a cold, Owen had one on Sunday, and now it has moved on to it’s next victim.  We were up all last night, the only times she was able to sleep where when I was holding her.  She has a fever and a very stuffy head, this morning she did eat some, and seems to feel a little better since she is no longer clinging to me. I feel terrible when they are sick, they don’t understand why they feel bad. The bright side is Owen blew through it very quickly and was better by Tuesday, so I am hoping Pixie springs back just as quick. Now I am off to pump up my vitamins intake, I do not want to be sick! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


  1. It sure is rough for kids at this time of the year! Hope she gets better soon and that you stay free from it all!! Love the single stem rose in your vase! Very pretty!

  2. That illness is really making the rounds, hope you stay well. love that wonderful blue flower in the vase :)